Member List

This official list of registered members is updated as soon as changes to the membership occur. The list indicates what type and level of licence the member has been issued, whether there are restrictions on that licence, and for which year the licence is valid.

If a member's name is not on this list, they do not have a licence to work in 2019. Non practicing members also cannot work as EMRs or paramedics. Those who have renewed for 2020 will have their names listed twice. 

Note for members: use your Registry Number on patient care reports. Your number on a PCR will begin with a two-digit code indicating licence level, then the rest of your number.

EMR: 45
PCP: 15
ICP: 25
ACP: 35
CCP: 85

So, the number on your PCR will look like this if you are a PCP: 1538456

The Current PCR forms have room for 6 numbers, but the 7th will fit. The Ministry of Health will update this next time they order PCRs.
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