Foreign Trained Applicants

Applicants trained outside of Canada are required to complete an eligibility assessment prior to applying for a licence to practice.  

Requirements at a glance

  • Eligibility Assessment Application Form online, which includes:
    • Practitioner Competency Self-Assessment Pre-Application Tool
    • course outlines or curriculums
    • credential authentication report (if applicable)
    • English fluency report (if applicable)
    • proof of eligibility to work in Canada
    • resume or curriculum vitae
    • medical release to practice
    • proof of regulatory standing (if applicable)
    • criminal record check with vulnerable sector query (if applicable)
    • two character references
    • mandatory certificates 
  • Applicant interview
  • Clinical skills assessment
  • Gap training (if applicable)
  • Licensing exam
  • Payment

Read all instructions thoroughly!

Acquiring a licence from SCoP includes sending items online through a form in your Member Account. The online form requires several items to be attached to it and it can only be sent once. Applications are not processed until payment and all requirements have been received by SCoP. 

Member Account 

All members need a Member Account, used for sending information and documents to the College. 

Create a new Member Account here >

Phase 1

1. Download the pre-assessment tool and complete it. Practitioner Competency Self-Assessment tool >

2. Once that is done, complete the Eligibility Assessment Application Form within your Member Account.  Full instructions are within the form in your Member Account and can be accessed any time.

In order to determine your eligibility for licensing, we need very specific information. At each step in the form, you will be asked to answer questions and/or upload documents. It is important that you provide all of the information requested, as we are only able to process fully completed applications. 
Although it is best to complete the Eligibility Assessment Application Form in order, you can move between questions and upload documents as they become available. You can save your work at any time and come back to it later.

3. You will be emailed with further instructions once the assessment outcome is complete.

Phase 2

1. If you are assessed as eligible to proceed with phase 2, you will receive information on how to apply for an Applicant Interview.

2. Upon successful completion of that step, you will be asked, via email, to book a Clinical Skills Assessment with an approved organization.

3. If any gap training is required, SCoP staff will provide you with details.

4. Once gap training is complete (if required), you will be eligible to apply to write the exam related to your practice level.

Phase 3

Upon successful completion of the exam for your practice level, you will have access to apply online for Initial Registration.