Change of Status

If you want to change your practicing status (i.e. from practicing to non-practicing) or your licence level in Saskatchewan (i.e. from PCP to ACP), follow these steps to complete your change of status.

1. Change of Status Application

Sign in to your SCoP Member Account and submit the Change of Status form found under the Applications tab.

2. Change of Status Fee

The change of status fee is $50.00. If you are moving from non-practicing to practicing status, you will also be charged the applicable practicing fees.

Payment can be made by Visa or MasterCard when submitting your application. You may also pay by eTransfer (send the correct amount to, money order, certified cheque or employer cheque but note that your application will not be processed until payment has been received. Personal cheques are not accepted. 

3. Transcripts and Certificates

When moving up a licence level, evidence of successful completion of a CMA-accredited training program or an equivalent program approved by Council is required. Download the Request for Transcript and have your institution forward original transcripts directly to SCoP. A copy of your certificate should be uploaded with your application.

4. Licensing Exam

If you are moving up levels, to Primary Care Paramedic or Advanced Care Paramedic, you will be required to write the national licensing exam in order to receive an unrestricted licence. 

5. Mandatory Certificates

If you are moving up a level, or changing from non-practicing to practicing, copies of the following mandatory certificates are required to be uploaded with your application. All certificates must be current and not expired. 


  • BLS-HCP (C)


  • BLS-HCP (C)
  • ITLS or PHTLS - Basic


  • BLS-HCP (C)
  • ITLS or PHTLS - Advanced
  • ACLS
  • PALS or PEPP Advanced

6. Continuing Medical Education (CME)

If you are changing your status from non-practicing to practicing, you'll need to upload proof of continuing medical education. 20 CME credits are required for each licence level. Visit CME Opportunities  for a list of training available. More information on CME and exceptions can also be found under Renewal Instructions.

7. Photo

If a new photo is required for your member identification card, please upload a head and shoulders photo to your Member Profile in .jpg format. Selfies against a plain background are acceptable as long as you look professional. Shirt with a collar or a plain t shirt without logos are recommended. In uniform preferred.