EMR Licence Renewal 

Renewal opens October 1.
Deadline: Tuesday, December 1, 2020.

IMPORTANT: COVID-19 is affecting renewal >

Licence Renewal form

  • All members must submit the Licence Renewal form in Your Account. Fees are paid by credit card on last page of form, or by e-transfer.
  • Choose from Practicing or Non-Practicing (more info)
  • Upload supporting documents relating to educational requirements:
    • Mandatory certification (BLS - HCP) proven with card; course date and expiration date required NOT REQUIRED FOR 2021 RENEWAL
    • CME proven with certificates of completion; course date required NOT REQUIRED FOR 2021 RENEWAL
    • Skills must be reported using the Skills Reporting Form for 2021 renewal - EMR. Certificates NOT allowed for skills. Signature from assessor required
  • Members who can't meet educational requirements can still renew.  The form will give you a Restricted licence, which allows 6 months to meet requirements and does not affect how you work. Cost: $100 + practicing fee. (more info)
  • Educational requirements are not needed for non-practicing licences. Cost for NP licence: $50
  • Practicing fee for 2020 licence: $510. For 2021: tbd
    • Pay all fees by credit card at the end of the form. E-transfer instructions included

To see what is currently on file for you and valid, visit the Licence Requirements tab of Your Account.

Licence Renewal form will not submit until all fields are complete, but you can save your work and come back later. Use a scanner or take a digital photo of each document or certificate and upload. We prefer .jpg and .pdf files. Mobile uploads ok!


Renewal Requirements for EMRs

How to assess



  • BLS course must be for Health Care Providers (HCP)
  • Must be not expired the day Licence Renewal form is submitted

Bag Valve Mask

  • Assessed every 2 years: in 2019 or 2020
    • by an instructor at the same licence level or higher, with expertise in the area, who works within the scope of practice
  • Skills Reporting form must be signed by assessor. No cards or certificates
  • Members may not assess their own skills
  • Not required for new graduates for 2 years following graduation
    • Exception: new graduates who are members through Labour Mobility must assess skills at first licence renewal

Medications Self-Review

  • Must be reviewed every 2 years: in 2019 or 2020
  • Must follow the guidelines in the Core Training Requirements for Medication Self-Review
  • No upload required. Members will check off a declaration stating they have done a medications review
  • Please keep proof of review in case of member audits.
  • Not required for new graduates for 2 years following graduation
    • Exception: new graduates who are members through Labour Mobility require a med review at first licence renewal


20 Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits

  • Credits must be completed in 2020
  • 5 credits must relate to mental health
  • New graduates do not have to submit CME credits for 1 year following graduation
    • Exception: new graduates who are members through Labour Mobility must submit credits
  • Current students may use school as CME once either in school or the year following
  • New members registered after October 1, 2020 are not required to do CME to renew their licence for 2021

Audits revealing falsified information will be reported to the Professional Conduct Committee. 


Payment must arrive at the SCoP office by December 1 or you will be subject to late fees. This includes cheques from employers. 

A 2020 practicing licence is $510. 2021 is tbd.

If you do not plan to work or volunteer as a paramedic in the immediate future but would like to keep your licence, a non-practicing licence is $50. When you are ready to return to work, you will pay a $50 change of status fee plus the practicing fee which is prorated:

Practicing Licence Fee for 2020, prior to April 1: $510
75% on April 1: $382.50
50% on July 1: $255
25% on October 1: $127.50

If you are unable to fulfill some of your educational requirements, adding a restriction to your licence is $100.

See if a restricted or non-practicing licence is right for you >

Late fees start at $50 and go up $25 every Monday until your renewal is completed.

Late fee schedule:

Monday, December 2 - $50
Monday, December 9 - $75
Monday, December 16 - $100 
Monday, December 24 - $125 
Monday, December 30 - $150 
Monday, January 6 - $175
Monday, January 13 - $200 
Monday, January 20 - $225 
Monday, January 27 - $250 

If you are paying by credit card online, the payment screen is displayed after you submit your renewal form. Once you have submitted payment, wait until you receive the submission reference number. If you are paying by e-transfer, you can send your payment in the correct amount to payments@collegeofparamedics.sk.ca.

Licence and receipts

Once your renewal has been approved, you can download and print your new licence from the Member Card tab of Your Account (click on the red Adobe Acrobat icon to print the full version), and your name will appear on the Member List for 2021. Plastic cards and paper licences have been discontinued.

Receipts can also be downloaded from the main page of Your Account.


Your photo is mandatory and should be updated every five years. The renewal form no longer asks for a photo. Instead, you can update the photo in your Member Profile. If uploading your photo, a head and shoulders photo should be uploaded in a .jpg format. Selfies against a plain background are acceptable as long as you look professional and it's from straight ahead. Shirt with a collar or a plain t shirt without logos are recommended. In uniform preferred.