Updates from the College regarding changes to practice and other pertinent information.

Professional Liability Insurance

Posted January 18, 2019

Professional liability insurance for paramedics is becoming a topic of interest in part due to recent high profile cases of professional misconduct in other parts of Canada. Facing the prospect of losing the ability to work in the profession, being sued by patients and their families, and even jail time, paramedics across the country should be thinking about how they’ll manage in the event that their professional conduct comes into question. 

Common misconceptions about liability insurance may be preventing some from considering this type of financial protection. Not all employers cover their employees in all situations, and there may be exclusions that you don’t know about. Are you covered when volunteering as a paramedic? Providing care off duty? Are you covered when subject to disciplinary actions from us, your regulatory body? 

The following article is written by Mike Hordichuk, CIP, CRM, Harvard Western Insurance. If you would like to inquire about this coverage, there is more information in the article: 

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Update for Renewal 2020 (next year)

Posted November 29, 2018

The Education Committee, in conjunction with the Member Wellness Committee, recognizes the need for increased awareness and support for those suffering from mental health illnesses. Our profession is considered high risk for developing mental health illnesses.

Effective for the 2020 licence renewal period, all members will be required to have a minimum of 5 credits of their total 20 CME credits relating to mental health. This can be mental health conditions, treatments, or supports.

The desire is to help reduce the stigma around mental health while increasing education.


Orders from Nurse Practitioners

Posted July 18, 2018

The College has had several conversations recently as to whether paramedics can follow orders from nurse practitioners or if this was limited to physicians only. There are no provisions within The Paramedics Act or Bylaws that prohibit licensed members from following the orders of a nurse practitioner. Discussions between the Saskatchewan Registered Nurses Association and SCoP have determined that there are no barriers to paramedics following nurse practitioner orders, nor are there any limitations on the health care settings in which this may occur.

Paramedics do not have a delegation of authority, so any orders must be within the paramedic’s current scope of practice and any order delivered by a nurse practitioner would have to be within their scope of practice as well.

Vent Needs Assessment for ACPs

Posted June 2, 2018

The Paramedic Practice Committee (PPC) is investigating the need of Advanced Care Paramedics to maintain a ventilator on a chronically ventilated, stable patient.

A form has been developed to track how often ventilated patients are encountered. This form should be completed each time an ACP encounters a ventilated patient during an interfacility transfer. The form should then be returned to Jen Williams.

This information will be used for the PPC in their decision of whether to include this into the ACP scope of practice. This does not permit ACPs to transport ventilators. 

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